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При отправке писем на alerts@partypoker.com - на письма они не отвечают.
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Мы отправляли письмо в партнерский отдел. Ответа так же не получили.

Hi, Ven!
My name is Dmitry Komov. I am an affiliate at partypoker. Your investigation team blocked my account and accounts of players at my pokerschool (who registered with bonus-code VITAL123), claiming thatаALL of the players used BOTS.
Please take into consideration several facts:
1. The only programs they used were Pokertracker, PokerAce, PokerAnalyzer. I have an official e-mail from partypoker, which permits to use the programs. If you need I can show it to you. Moreover the website PokerStrategy has the list of the same programs. Some of the players did not use even the listed programs.
2. A boy from your investigation team saying that it is highly fishily, that all my players playing the same strategy. And don't you think it is too strange that several thousands players at PokerStrategy program also playing the same strategy? Why don't you block the thousand of "poker-strategy" accounts for the same reason?
3. I have a very good limit player as a coach at my poker-school. That's why the players were taught to play a very tight game. The coach helped them to analyze their game and to improve their skills. ThatТs why your investigation team decides that they are BOTs.
4. Even if you mistakenlyаthink that the payers used BOTs, whyаdid you close MY affiliate account? When are you going to open it?
I really think that your investigation team made a wrong conclusion about my players and my pokerschool. I ask you personally investigate the matter, taking into account the listed facts. Also I would like to see your comments on the facts and the detailed materials of the problem.
If PartyPoker is going to continue successfully working on Russian market your teams should properly doing their work and should not make rapid and wrong decisions.
I think that millions of dollars, that my affiliate brought to PartyPoker for several years of fair workаare arguments for close investigation of the problem.
It would be nice to have your phone number to contact you and discuss the problem.
Thank you.
Dmitry Komov.

Письмо в комиссию по контролем за он-лайн гемблингом:

-----Original Message-----
From: "dmitriykomov"
To: info@gamblingcontrol.org
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 05:46:46 +0400 (MSD)
Subject: Complaint from the group of players

My name is Dmitry Komov. I worked as affiliate of Party Poker for several years. In April Party Poker blocked accounts of about 20 players, registered under my affiliate, and my affiliate account as well. Total amount ceased by Party Poker is over $70 000.

Party poker blocked accounts and all the money on the grounds of usage bots by my players. The players played limit hold'em on different stakes and used only well and widely known poker software, as PokerTracker and Poker Ace Hud and did not use bots. The details of the accounts you can see in the attached file.

Some of the blocked players are students at my poker-school, which is well known in Russsia.

During the investigation of the case Party Poker did not show us any proves, that my players used bots. They did not tell us the names of bots, dates of fraud-palyer-sessions, they did not show us screen-shots, fixixing the usage of forbidden programms. At the same time the manager of Investigation Team personally ignored our proposal to inspect the written document "playing strategy", that my players are using during the play and which they received at my poker school.

So we have every reason to believe that Party Poker stole over the $70000 of our money without providing us with any evedence of our fraud. I think that this is pretty big amount to ask your participation in the investigation of the unfair decision. As we don't have a hope to return the money from partypoker.

During the investigation we contacted the next persons at Party Poker:
manager of Investigation Team Andrew Hill
manager of Marketing Team Hamant Ravishanker
superviser of Investigation Team Logan Nickols
my affiliate manager Venthan Poolo

The e-mail correspondence with Party Poker partially was in Russian. I am attaching the correspondence of one of the blocked players. The other e-mails are about the same. If you need any exat extracts from our e-mails, tell me and I'll send it to you.

Thank you.
Hope on your cooperation.
If you'll have some further questions, you can contact me by phone number XXXXXXXXXXXX.

Please confirm the fact of receiving the massage and two attached files (correspondence.doc and accountsdata.xls )


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